Tips on Surviving the First Year of College

To survive your freshman year of college having the right mindset and planning. College is an opportunity to pursue your dreams, try new things, and become successful. It comes with a rush of excitement and it can be a smooth transition. Here are some tips that will help you survive the first year of college.

Get Social

college educationBeing social is part of healthy college life. Social activities should be a priority along with your classes and study time. Meeting new people while having fun is very important, get involved in social events that interest you. There are plenty of opportunities for residence hall activities on and off-campus all you have to do is to put yourself out there.

The more involved you are, the more you will get out of your college experience. Make time to socialize with friends and family, homesickness is normal for every freshman year. Prioritize calls and letters home to friends and family. Socializing is a way of taking care of your mental health, stay connected with people you love and miss.

Have a Planner

People don’t succeed for failing to plan. The secret is to schedule every moment of your day to make ensure that you are making the most of your time, especially during your first year. Take the extra effort to plan out your day, this will save you from a huge hardship in the long run.

Schedule the minutes of your day it will help you see how you are spending your time. It will also make sure you have time for priorities such as studying and spending time with your friends. Make your schedule on your phone, computer, or have a physical planner. Plan appointments with yourself for attending social events and taking care of yourself.

Study Long Before a Test

Studying over time will help you with the workload to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Try to come up with your study habits that work best over time. Take time to study your class material over the entire semester. Go over your notes from the last class before class and then review your notes after the class. It is a great way of solidifying the material in your brain making studying easier. Organize your notes, they will serve as study guides closer to an exam.

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Eat Right and Exercise

During college days it can be fun to eat pizza or dessert for breakfast but eating unhealthy will eventually come back to haunt you. Try to empower yourself by eating healthy it will prepare you for a successful life. Food is fuel, and when you eat it helps you function at the highest level for your classes and activities.

Eat a balanced diet together with fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy carbohydrates. You can enjoy your desserts and junk food in moderation. Remember to exercise, as little as walking to class. A 15 minutes walk will help you manage stress and potential weight gain.


Reasons to Give to Charity

When you decide to give, you may not realize that donating money to charity will do more than you can imagine. Also, it is essential to understand that offering provides many personal benefits to the donors. Ideally, the knowledge and idea that you are helping others are significantly empowering. That is why it will make you feel more fulfilled and happier. When in Guinea-Bissau, you can support non profit work in Guinea-Bissau and help sponsor various needy students.

It is essential to understand that millions of people provide charity regularly to support needy people and students. In other words, there are various reasons why you need to give to charity. It has been discovered that most Africans and different continents cannot offer primary education to their kids. As a result, many people rely on charity groups to support their academic and business goals. Here are the reasons why you should donate to charity.

Makes You Feel Good

integrationIt is advisable to note that donating to charity is a significant mood booster. The idea that you are donating and helping the needy is empowering. Research has discovered a link between increased activity in the area of the brain and donating.

When you decide to donate, you will feel better, and it becomes easy to give than to receive. Also, as a donor, it is critical to know the type of giver you are. Doing this will help you to make the perfect choice ad donate.

Understand the Importance of Generosity

Most people consider giving to charity to introduce your kids to the importance of generosity. In other words, when you share the experience of donating to your children, it shows them that they can be in a position of making positive changes in the community or the world. Ideally, kids naturally love to help others, so nurturing them while they are still young will be a greater appreciation.

Encourages People to Donate


It is essential to note that your charitable donations can inspire your dearest and nearest offer. In other words, it is critical to note that family offering creates a bond that helps to bolster relationships through the shared goal. Therefore, when you work hard as a group or a family to support or donate, it leads to a more positive impact. That is why you need to take your time and know the best charity groups you need to support.

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Qualities to Look for in an Online Homework Helper

Assignments will always be a part of classroom work. Having tasks is advantageous because it allows students to extend their learning process outside of the allocated school hours. However, we could not deny the fact that doing these tasks can sometimes be overwhelming. It is especially the case for students who have other essential responsibilities outside the school. The best thing discovered online as far as school work is sites that can do my accounting homework for me efficiently and at an affordable price.

For instance, working students might find it hard to work on their homework assignments since they need to spend their hours working. Moreover, some students need to focus on other school-related tasks. For example, students who need to work on their thesis might not have enough time to work on their homework assignments. It is at this point that homework services come into play. In most cases, these service providers offer complex education tasks, including research papers, essay writing, as well as online classes.

The good thing about these homework service providers is that you can easily find them online. However, it would be best if you were wary when choosing from these service providers as some of them do not have what it takes to help you with your homework assignments. On the contrary, they only exist to rip off their soon to be clients.  That said, you must emphasize several factors when looking for such service providers, such as:

Know Their Area of Focus

Your first course of action is to find out the area of focus of thehomework help company. For instance, some companies can only help you if your homework assignment is concerning Mathematics, while some can only help you if your homework assignment is about Science. Therefore, get in touch with them if you need help with your History homework assignment.

Ratings and Reviews

It is paramount to find out the reputation of the service provider before you hire them. You must only work with a company that has an excellent overall reputation. Look for online reviews to find out what the other clients have to say about them. Moreover, it would help if you only worked with a service provider that has an excellent rating.

Turnaround Time

Finally, it would be best if you had an idea of the turnaround time of the company when doing homework. If the service provider cannot finish the homework before the allotted time, then it will be useless to seek their assistance. Therefore, always make sure that the service provider is efficient enough to finish the homework assignment promptly. On the other hand, see to it that they give you the best output.


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The Importance of Statistics

Whenever the topic of statistics is brought up, people instantly refer to it as a field of knowledge that is full of numbers and calculations. However, instead of seeing it from a narrow perspective, people should be able to see the bigger picture and recognize what the subject can offer to those who are interested, just like what a statistic guru does. The term statistics refers to an area of study that deals a lot with data. It includes data collection, analysis, and result presentation. Without mastering these aspects, it is impossible for statisticians to make decisions and predict what is coming next.

Let us also not forget the fact that almost all modern fields of study and work need to deal with data. From a regular administrator to those joining the marketing department, they need the actual data from the clients to take the next step. For that reason, understanding the basics is indeed crucial as it is the only way to survive today’s workforce. Some people may argue that they do not need to properly learn about the subject as they can get the knowledge once they join the workforce. While it sounds reasonable, unfortunately, such a statement is misleading. Thus, below are the significance of learning statistics.

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Numerical Data for Valid Conclusions

Let us take a look at the latest marketing strategy used by many people these days, which is blogging. In this example, it is clear that the entire system records the exposure data to measure how much it affects the viewers. The data is then analyzed and processed to help marketers decide whether the method is effective or not. In short, while it is true that the field seems only to offer numbers and calculations, it has something more than just raw measurement. It allows statisticians to evaluate claims made based on quantitative evidence to help them understand the bigger picture.

The Ability to Avoid Dubious Claims

There are at least three steps that statisticians need to take in performing their ability in data analyses. They include collecting all the related data, analyzing, and presenting the results. Without these three steps, it is impossible to approach an issue with an objective mindset. Note that people generally fall for such a trap whenever they approach a problem with subjective perception. It means that they fail to see the problem as it is and tend to create an alternative reality in their mind based on their background knowledge. Fortunately, it is something that statisticians will not do as they need to see things from an objective point of view.

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The Benefits of Studying Accounting Online

Accounting is one of the most competitive and rewarding courses in various parts of the world. Students who are good at mathematics usually desire to study accounting in college. We, however, have some accounting colleges which are not able to accommodate all the students.

This is because of space while some students are busy and cannot attend the physical classes. This is one of the reasons that lead to the online accounting classes. Students can enroll in some of these online classes and take their courses and examinations remotely. This article talks about the benefits of studying accounting online.

Flexible Class Schedules

accounting in progressOne of the advantages of learning accounting online is that there is the flexible class schedule. This is unlike the physical calluses which the learners are required to be physically present in class at a given time to attend the lectures. You can book your online accounting spot at

Learning accounting online gives the students power of when to attend the lectures. He can log in to the class portal or download the lectures and what it later at his convenience. The same applies when you are taking the assignments and other course requirements.

Improves your Computer Skills

We live in an era whereby everything is being digitalized. Getting a job without proper computer skills is difficult in this age and time. Taking an accounting course online will not only help you in sharpening your accounting skills but also help you to improve on your computer skills.

You will understand how to use various accounting programs and packages when you decide to take the course online. You will also learn how to undertake various research studies without stepping out of the class. You will also get to experiment the latest accounting software that the accountants are currently using.

Better Support

When you take an accounting class online, there is better support than when you attend a physical class. When you attend a physical class, you will realize that you will be at the mercy of your professor. If you do not understand some concept, it may take you time to get to your professor.

This is, however, not the case when it comes to the online accounting classes. When you have an issue, you can post it on the student board, and you will have fellow students or the professor addressing the issue.

Class Participation

desk of an accounting student

There is better class participation and interaction when you take the accounting lesson online than when you take the physical lessons. We have some students who are not confident enough, and so they may not be confident to take part in the class discussions.

This is, however, not the case with the online accounting class since student posts their concerns and issues on the student message boards. Most students usually take part in the various queries.

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Moral Justification of Homework Help

There is the belief that having your academic work handled by someone else is like having someone else eat your food to fill your belly and not the eater. The truth is that you get no nutrients when you feed another mouth but you do not lose at all when someone else handles your homework. Homework help has played a role in your academic life ever since you were in elementary school. Your parents, sibling, and friends helped you to figure out mathematical equations as you always asked various people to tell you the meaning of certain words. I need help with my homework is a phrase that you will always hear wherever you are on this planet.

The Young Adult Phase

The older you get, the more the number of situations that you have to deal with at any given time. As a young adult, you probably need to play video games, attend school, party and live a double life. The life your parents know and that which they do not. This is a self-discovery stage with a set of unique challenges. Getting your homework done could be one of the things that you could choose to drop off your list of activities which include having a side job to save for that laptop or smartphone that’s everywhere on the billboards.

Young Professional

biting a pencilTime goes by and before long, and you find yourself faced with a life where all that matters is your job. This is also the point where you realize that your academic qualifications are no good for the top positions. Therefore, you follow the norm and enroll in higher education. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a professor? You are likely to start a family as a young professional to keep you focused on your goals – leaving you with very little time for the studies that may be ongoing.

Things In-Between

There comes the point, in life, when you take note of the things that you are good at and those that you are not. Typing is a problem for many people while it is not for professionals who offer excellent homework help. You do not, therefore, need to get the lowest grade just because you cannot type 75+ words per minute. Neither do you have to fail in an entire academic unit because you do not understand a technical aspect that can be done in record time halfway around the world?


We live in a fast-paced world, but we all need to slow down at times. Rest whenever fatigue sets in and let someone else worry about your homework for you. Note that homework help does not waste your academic prowess unless you allow it to. This means that you should always turn to professionals who understand the nuts and bolts of your preferred citation style.

Homework help should as well come from a team of well-coordinated academic professionals with excellent communication skills. Other than writing your papers with a touch of eloquence, they should also project the gift of creativity. Reading and comprehending their work should be easy and fun as this earns you better grades besides simplifying things out for you to have a better understanding of specific concepts. Therefore, if you thought that there is no moral justification for having your homework handled by someone else, then you may not have been introduced to the future education system.

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Considerations When Choosing a Fire Training Online

It is vital to understand the safety and evacuation not because it is a law but for the sake of unexpected fire emergency. Fire breakouts is an unplanned incident, and you need to be alert at all cost to deal with the fire. In your workplace, you need to know the procedures that will help in fire safety and evacuation.

The fire alarms and the fire-fighting equipment should be utilized in the right way when there is a fire emergency. It is important to have fire safety and evacuation training to learn the right procedure and instructions on how to deal with fire accidents.

You need to enroll an online fire-training course. There are major factors that you need to consider when choosing a fire training online.


guy carrying fire extinguisher

When you are looking for the best online fire-training program, you must ensure that the online learning institution is accredited to offer ideal certificates for the courses they provide. It is important to check with the education board in your state or any relevant council of online education accreditation to ensure that you enroll in the right institution.

These boards will allow you to verify the accreditation of the institution that you are considering to enroll for your fire safety and evacuation training. Learning in the wrong institution is the last thing you would think of, especially when you have dedicated your time and resources.

Pace and Schedule

When you are choosing an online education program for your fire-training course, you must understand their schedule of learning. Beware that the online course usually differs regarding pace and schedule for taking their assignments and examinations.

It is important to choose an institution that will provide a personal schedule so that you can train fully without pressure. Ensure your training is flexible because you might be working as you take the training part-time.

Cost of the Education Program

It is important to know the cost for your fire-training program when you are considering an online institution. Although different institutions offer varying costs for their programs, you need to find one that is offering quality education at a reasonable price. Check on the fire training institutions websites for their fee structure.

Go for an option that you could afford as long as you prioritize a quality education program. Be sure to include additional costs such as the internet costs and any other resources that you might require for your training.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

word e-learningGather information about the size of the fire training class to make sure that you can get the right attention you need. Consider an institution with a reasonable number of trainees so that you can get enough personal guidance to ensure you get the right content.

Learning online requires more dedication and involvement of with the tutor so that you can get the right content and guidance. The online program and schedule should support your needs at all cost.