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The Importance of Statistics

Whenever the topic of statistics is brought up, people instantly refer to it as a field of knowledge that is full of numbers and calculations. However, instead of seeing it from a narrow perspective, people should be able to see the bigger picture and recognize what the subject can offer to those who are interested, just like what a statistic guru does. The term statistics refers to an area of study that deals a lot with data. It includes data collection, analysis, and result presentation. Without mastering these aspects, it is impossible for statisticians to make decisions and predict what is coming next.

Let us also not forget the fact that almost all modern fields of study and work need to deal with data. From a regular administrator to those joining the marketing department, they need the actual data from the clients to take the next step. For that reason, understanding the basics is indeed crucial as it is the only way to survive today’s workforce. Some people may argue that they do not need to properly learn about the subject as they can get the knowledge once they join the workforce. While it sounds reasonable, unfortunately, such a statement is misleading. Thus, below are the significance of learning statistics.

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Numerical Data for Valid Conclusions

Let us take a look at the latest marketing strategy used by many people these days, which is blogging. In this example, it is clear that the entire system records the exposure data to measure how much it affects the viewers. The data is then analyzed and processed to help marketers decide whether the method is effective or not. In short, while it is true that the field seems only to offer numbers and calculations, it has something more than just raw measurement. It allows statisticians to evaluate claims made based on quantitative evidence to help them understand the bigger picture.

The Ability to Avoid Dubious Claims

There are at least three steps that statisticians need to take in performing their ability in data analyses. They include collecting all the related data, analyzing, and presenting the results. Without these three steps, it is impossible to approach an issue with an objective mindset. Note that people generally fall for such a trap whenever they approach a problem with subjective perception. It means that they fail to see the problem as it is and tend to create an alternative reality in their mind based on their background knowledge. Fortunately, it is something that statisticians will not do as they need to see things from an objective point of view.