Tips on Surviving the First Year of College

To survive your freshman year of college having the right mindset and planning. College is an opportunity to pursue your dreams, try new things, and become successful. It comes with a rush of excitement and it can be a smooth transition. Here are some tips that will help you survive the first year of college.

Get Social

college educationBeing social is part of healthy college life. Social activities should be a priority along with your classes and study time. Meeting new people while having fun is very important, get involved in social events that interest you. There are plenty of opportunities for residence hall activities on and off-campus all you have to do is to put yourself out there.

The more involved you are, the more you will get out of your college experience. Make time to socialize with friends and family, homesickness is normal for every freshman year. Prioritize calls and letters home to friends and family. Socializing is a way of taking care of your mental health, stay connected with people you love and miss.

Have a Planner

People don’t succeed for failing to plan. The secret is to schedule every moment of your day to make ensure that you are making the most of your time, especially during your first year. Take the extra effort to plan out your day, this will save you from a huge hardship in the long run.

Schedule the minutes of your day it will help you see how you are spending your time. It will also make sure you have time for priorities such as studying and spending time with your friends. Make your schedule on your phone, computer, or have a physical planner. Plan appointments with yourself for attending social events and taking care of yourself.

Study Long Before a Test

Studying over time will help you with the workload to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Try to come up with your study habits that work best over time. Take time to study your class material over the entire semester. Go over your notes from the last class before class and then review your notes after the class. It is a great way of solidifying the material in your brain making studying easier. Organize your notes, they will serve as study guides closer to an exam.

college tips

Eat Right and Exercise

During college days it can be fun to eat pizza or dessert for breakfast but eating unhealthy will eventually come back to haunt you. Try to empower yourself by eating healthy it will prepare you for a successful life. Food is fuel, and when you eat it helps you function at the highest level for your classes and activities.

Eat a balanced diet together with fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy carbohydrates. You can enjoy your desserts and junk food in moderation. Remember to exercise, as little as walking to class. A 15 minutes walk will help you manage stress and potential weight gain.

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