As a company, you should understand that your employees make the most important part of your assets. In case of an accident and stuff like furniture, buildings and office supplies are destroyed, you can easily replace them. But if you lose any of the employees, you cannot replace them. All businesses must take proper steps to making sure that their employees are safe. Accidents cannot be prevented, but we can do something to prevent the damage caused. All companies must keep the right supply of equipment’s to help in case of an emergency. This article will discuss some must have safety gears every company must have. Read on.

First aid kits

first aid kitIt is advisable to prepare even for the smallest mishaps. Mostly, employees will suffer minor injuries, which are not life-threatening. Such should be carefully and immediately taken care of. Research shows that more than 3 million non-fatal injuries are happening in workplaces in a year. Someone might get burned in the kitchen, cut by a machine, or gets any other form of injury, they should be taken care of immediately. It is for this reason why all business and organizations must keep fully equipped first aid kits readily available.

Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems

The two are very crucial in any office. They are fire safety tools. In case of fire outbreak, the employees will be able to use them and prevent further spreading. Unless it is an explosion, a fire starts small then spreads with time. At times the fire might be too strong to be put off by fire extinguishers in the office, but at least someone will have done something to prevent it. It is one thing having the fire equipment and another thing having your employees trained. Make sure that everyone in the company is trained to use them and knows their location. You should have fire exits points in the building as well.

Survival Gear

fire, fire extinguishersYes, you might have taken all the preventive measures, but the disaster still happens. Your employees must have an escape plan. In case of fire, for example, employees in high buildings can be trapped inside. If your business is in those tall buildings, you should provide survival gears which help the employees to get out of the building as fast as they can. Such should be geared that will allow them to escape through the windows or lower themselves to the ground floor swiftly.