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Jobs That Require a Military Background

There comes a time in a military veteran when he or she has to return to civilian life. One of the most significant challenges they face is finding a job that requires some military background. This, however, does mean that there are limited or no opportunities for veterans; opportunities are abundant. Well aware of the wealth of opportunities that are waiting from military veterans, all they need is to know where to find jobs and how to find them. Here are some in-demand jobs that require military skills.

Government Jobs

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It is a known fact most military skills fit well in a variety of government jobs. Besides the change of uniform, retried military officers have skills that are highly sought after for government positions. To improve your chances of getting these positions, you need to have obtained a security clearance while you were on duty. While submitting your application, be sure to note that you have a security clearance highlighted on your resume.

Construction Jobs

It is a known fact that military experience is invaluable in the construction industry. As the construction industry grows by double digits, most construction companies will be looking for individuals to fill in managerial and specialized positions. Military experts with considerable in dealing with heavy machinery are highly sought after due to the wealth of experience that they can offer.

Fitness Instructors

Fitness is a vital tenet of military culture. As such, former service persons have a wealth of experience and stamina that is needed to venture into the fitness world. Anyone who has spent some time in the military understands what is required to have a practical fitness program. To be a fitness instructor or a personal trainer, however, getting the required certification is essential in making their resume more attractive.

Cybersecurity Experts

Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive field. As such, individuals in this field need to possess and demonstrate unique attributes that most employers are looking for. Some of the key qualities required to make it in this field include attention to detail, discretion, and the ability to take orders. Individuals with some military experience, thus, have high chances of making it in this field.cyber security

It is a known fact that the transition from military to civilian life comes with its challenges. But as far as careers are involved, veterans have a host of opportunities waiting for them.

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How to Fail a Job Search

Not all people who search for jobs get them. This is because they did not do a thing or two right. The whole job search turns frustrating because nothing is coming out of it. This article will give reasons why you never get that job. Read on.

  1. dream jobDoing nothing. This is when you decide to believe that there are no jobs and that there are too many candidates hunting for the same position hence you will never get one.
  2. Saying nothing. This is when you decide to never tell anyone about not being employed. This is the surest way to stay unemployed, do not tell anyone that you are looking for a job and you will for real not get it. Locking yourself in the house with drawn curtains will never land you a job.
  3. Searching for a job for about 8-12 hours a day. It is people who fill jobs not computers. What does this tell you, that you must interact with people for you to get a job? A successful job hunt means going out to meet the human resource manager. They might not hire you immediately but believe you out of the five you meet; one will call you back and give you a job.
  4. job application formsApply dozens of jobs daily. Some people just send their CVs all over. It is not a matter of numbers. You should convince the person receiving the CV that you are the best candidate for the position. If you are just applying for any job, you are wasting your time and the time of people offering the jobs. Another way to apply for a job successfully is asking the start date of the job. But did you know not all adverts are for jobs which should be filled immediately?
  5. Give up. It might take you more than three months to get a good job. Research says that the average job search takes three months. If you never want to get a job, give up after the three months are over. It might take you longer to get that dream job. If you are expecting overnight results, I am sorry because it might never happen. Job searching is like building a relationship that leads you to that place you always wanted to be.