Italian Food History


In the last twenty years historians have turned with ever more urgency to food as a key for understanding the past. Italy is particularly interesting in this respect. Modern Italian identity is based, in large part, on food. And many Italian ‘staples’ from pasta to olive oil, from ice-cream to wine, from pizza to risotto, have back-stories that give insights into Italian culture and Italian history.

Despite interest in Italian food history, there is unfortunately a lack of a clearinghouse for information that is too often either only available in Italian, scattered in sources that are not indexed, or else treated only in book-length monographs. This blog that attempts to fill this gap that students of food culture in Italy often encounter.

On our site you will find a variety of sources (hard-to-find firsthand accounts of Italian food in the past in English), resources (search engines and other directories), images, and Italian food news and history, as well as our commentary on all of the above. We also encourage guest posts by colleagues in food studies.