Feb 172012

cannabis leafAs recently reported by UPI (and featured by the Venerdì magazine on 3 February 2012), the Università dei Sapori (University of Tastes) in Perugia has begun adding a “magical ingredient” to some of its recipes: cannabis. This excites the likes of those for whom a Martini is practically a sin, but the university’s director hastens to explain that there is practically no THC (marijuana’s active ingredient) in the seeds and leaves used. Citing tradition (ever popular in Italy), the director refers interested aspiring hemp chefs to consult Platina’s On Honorable Pleasure and Health (1475), specifically the recipe (cribbed from Platina’s friend Maestro Martino) describing a health drink of cannabis nectar.  ZN

See the original UPI article here.

Grazie ad Ian Lyons per la segnalazione.

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