Dec 012011

logo ObikaItalian food products at Obika mozzarella barFusion cooking usually refers to a mixing of ingredients for new dishes, but Obika is a novel combination of the sushi bar concept with high-quality Italian products. Obika describes itself on its website as, “a new restaurant concept which centers its offering on the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, together with the research of recipes and artisanal products typical of the Italian tradition and characterized by very high quality.” I had the opportunity to have lunch at their Rome Fiumicino Airport location (Terminal 2) and was impressed with the freshness of the mozzarella and the taste of the cold-cuts. Obika uses only the best of the best: Mozzarella Campana DOP, Parmigiano-Regiano DOP, Lardo di Colonnata DOP. Despite the fact that I am not a culinary philologist, and I’m practically allergic to the fairytale called terroir, I highly recommend a visit if for nothing else than to see that Italian food is moving ahead, if not in ingredients, at least in design.  ZN

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