Aug 112011

This is a quick and partial translation of an article from the Giornale 8 July 2011:

The British drink our beer, grappa is overtaking vodka in Russia, spumante is closing in on Champagne. Crazy!… The result of a wonderful trimester that has broken the depression of many managers in the country. Coldiretti have announced 11% growth in exports… with the biggest sales in wine rather than cars and bikes. It seems that Italy has more success at the table than out on the street. After the years of the Vespa, the Lambretta and the 500 now the index of satisfaction is to be found with Parma ham, with Parmesan and with the best wines: those, to be clear, that cost more than 30 euros. Pasta has been less successful, the fault of those damn 80 grams, the standard portion for our dieting times. In the first trimester of 2011 exports of food and drink reached seven billion euros while cars, motorbikes, tractors and other vehicles have stalled at 6.6%. Nor is this exceptional. In the last five years Italian agro-aliments have grown by 23%, while the sale of vehicles has fallen by 11%. There are curious sides to this like the invasion of Italian cheeses on the table of the French with a growth of 21% (from 57-69 million euros). France wants more wine (plus 26% for a total of 24 million euros)… As far as spumante orders are concerned, they have almost doubled (plus 78%) even if it is still way behind Champagne. Extraordinary exports to the UK, land of the pub and the microwave [ed!] Here Italian beers is coming close to 10 million euros thanks to a jump in orders of some 27%, above all in the traditional clear beers: double malt (that we are learning to make) remains a Danish affair. Surprisingly grappa exports are also on the rise in Russia, the land of Vodka (plus 76%) and pasta in China (plus 43 percent). In general all ‘Made in Italy’ agro-alimentary fields are in growth abroad with, at the head, fresh fruit and veg at 1.1 billion euros overtaking wine. Wine has grown by 14% on the export market with a value of 935 million euros. Olive oil 21% and cheeses 24%. Falling instead is pasta exports, stalled at 466 million euros… Then the new markets. In China we have a doubling (108%) of imports of Italian wine, while in India ‘only’ 65%. In the US where a fifth of produce is sold, our wines grow by 11 percent. We are still ahead of France that beats us though in desserts, pate and snails. But that is another story.


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