Apr 052011

The logo for the new Doggy Bag project in Milan.

Italians have long been loathe to take home from a restaurant what they don’t eat, partially because portions are reasonable enough that often Italians don’t have anything left over that they can’t eat. Several months ago, though, a non-profit group that works with homeless people in Milan, Cena dell’Amicizia, began a project called “Il buono che avanza,” (“The good things left over”). Restaurants in the Milan area can voluntarily take part, whereupon they are provided with doggy bags and a sticker by the non-profit. The idea is to fight the idea of a throw-away, consumerist society where waste is normal and recycling (even of food) is looked down upon. This is not really avantguarde thinking for Italy, but rather a return to the norm: up until the beginning of the boom economico in the 1950s leftovers were simply the basis of the next meal.

Interestingly, according to the Smithsonian’s Food&Think blog, the tradition of a doggy bag in the US also began out of a similar civic-minded project, this time to combat cruelty to animals. The first initiative was in San Francisco, with “Pet Pakits,” followed by Washington with “Bones for Bowser.”  ZN

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  2 Responses to “Doggy Bags in Italy”

  1. finally!
    i mean, sometimes it happens to me to ask to the restaurant a doggy bag for my left over stuff… thy always look at me as a mad! I think it is not only a good idea, but also a way to save food from rubbish, and nowadays we cant allow to throw away anythings. Also in this way everyone can save money eating something still good.
    To me it’s a great idea, every city should have a service like this (a local government managment could help a lot).
    I like the name too… it works great!.

    grande questo blog!

  2. Well… sounds apparently like a good idea BUT… I understand taking food lefty in MY plate with me for ME to eat it next day. But leftover from my plate to somebody else? Not such a good idea sorry.

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