Feb 132011

The following extract is taken from an excellent online UK restaurant site. SY 

In 1993, while renovating an Italian restaurant that he had just bought on London’s Store Street, Giovanni Salamone came across an ancient shoe box hidden away in a dusty cupboard under the stairs. Inside there was a menu. In the history of the British pizza the find was akin to Carter and Carnarvon’s discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. ‘Most of the menu was just home made pasta dishes,’ says Giovanni. ‘But it also included a Margherita pizza. We think that menu dates from the earliest days of the restaurant.’ The restaurant, Olivelli’s, was a favourite among the London theatre world and first opened in 1934; that crumbling piece of paper is the first evidence of a pizza on sale in Britain. Fittingly Giovanni renamed the restaurant Pizza Paradiso Olivelli and it became the first in what is now a chain of pizzerias.

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