Feb 122011

A short article in a recent edition of Venerdì magazine (21 Jan 2011), Emanuele Coen reported the statistics for Italian monthly food expenses. Perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively, the richest Italian region, Trentino-Alto Adige, spent an average of €380 at the supermarket (or market, or grocery store, as the food totals were aggregates). At the top of the list was the region of Abruzzo, where average family expenditures were €529. The next three highest totals were all found in Center-South Italy: Molise, Umbria, and Campania (in descending order). The magazine also gave breakdowns for amount spent on meat, fish, bread and cereals, dairy products, oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, drinks, and “sugar, coffee, and other.” Unfortunately lacking was an analysis of these results, possibly due to larger families in certain regions or lower food prices in others (which perhaps cancel themselves out in central Italy).  ZN


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