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This site is our attempt to gather together a variety of online sources, documents, images, news, and even some of our own commentary on Italian food, both in the present and (especially) in the past. We mostly stick to the contemporary era but delve into medieval and ancient food sources as well. We make no claim to 100% accuracy and welcome corrections and suggestions, as well as proposals for guest posts.

zachary nowakAbout Us
Zachary Nowak — I’ve been passionate about food history for the last five years. I studied history both for my undergraduate and graduate degrees (at Kenyon College, then Middlebury College, plus a semester at the University of Vienna) and find that food is a perfect lens with which to examine economics, politics, sociology, and history all together. I’m currently a professor of history at The Umbra Institute. I can’t say that I am a die-hard foodie in the sense that people normally imagine one. I enjoy cooking but don’t consider myself a spectacular cook, nor do I spend my weekends hunting for that last wild zucchini far up in the Apennines. To the contrary: I’m suspicious of “history as mystery”, and what I call “philological food”. This is not to say that I’d rather read about pizza than eat it. For more information please visit my various profiles:

Zachary Nowak’s LinkedIn Profile, Zachary Nowak’s Academia.edu Profile, Zachary Nowak’s Umbra Institute Profile

Dr. S. Young — I am a professor of history at the Umbra Institute in Perugia and am interested particularly in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

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